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A Gelato World Tour inspired cashew and dark chocolate chip gelato

picture 1

Last weekend, Lygon St was engulfed by the Gelato World Tour. The public swarmed around the 16 gelato artisans, deftly dishing out their frozen creations in hopes of triumphing the Oceania chapter of the Tour. It was a deliciously colourful, gelato fantasia. Inspired by the gelato masters, and in a sugar-fuelled delirium, I made gelato that night …


Stewed rabbit ravioli, carrot mash & a Sicilian Slow Food story


My dad is not a man that is readily impressed, particularly when it comes to food. Raised on an amazing Calabrian diet of generous portions lovingly prepared by my nonna, and cooking professionally for almost 45 years – the man’s seen it all. He is a human encyclopaedia on food, wine and restaurants. So you may appreciate that when dad remarks on a meal, I take note…

Oh my alfajores!


I first visited Melbourne’s Argentinian restaurant, San Telmo, about a year ago. So, before I recently returned to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I reflected on my initial meal. Prominent my memory was the alfajor (alfa-hor) cookie which we divided into five sweet morsels and devoured after our meal between sips of strong espresso. It was the first moment of silence for the evening. It is perhaps unusual that this little biscuit’s finale stole the show, given that San Telmo is adorned by a hand-made 2.5m parilla charcoal-grill…