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Sticky salmon and kim chi bao – happy Summer!

IMG_0822 (2)

Making these bao was like inviting three of your friends, that are not acquainted, over for lunch.  I am familiar with the components – the kim chi, the bao and the sticky salmon – and I knew that the three would hit it off.  It was a bit of a 3-way-friend-blind-date.  The outcome? Pretty sure they’re picnicking this afternoon, hitting the beach on Sunday, and perhaps even spending Christmas together.


Teta Mona – Brunswick East welcomes Lebanese Soulfood

photoThe few times I’ve passed Teta Mona during the last few weeks, curious East Brunswickians have stopped to take a look – peering through the shopfront enticingly stamped with the words ‘Lebanese Soulfood’.  Teta Mona opened its doors for business on Thursday and is already drawing quite the crowd…

A few highlights from Taste of Melbourne

IMG_0785 Many of you will have that ever-expanding list of restaurants you have had been itching to attend but have been prohibited by: time, money, a 3 month advance booking requirement, or a no-booking policy and a 2 hour wait in line.  Imagine how fantastic if would be if all of those eateries were all living on the same street, and you could walk freely from one to the next, sampling signature dishes, and construct your own bespoke grazing menu.  This is why Taste of Melbourne is a food festival I really look forward to each year…

‘Tis the season to eat seasonally – beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese, pumpkin seeds & broad beans

IMG_0745Whenever I feel like a ready injection of country livin’, I head down to Collingwood Farmers’ Market at the Collingwood Children’s Farm.

Nestled on the banks of the Yarra, the rickety swinging gates down St Heliers Street preface a sprawling inner-city oasis of lush flora lined by dirt tracks, and various barnyard critters. Every second Saturday of the month, around 70 Victorian farmers roll out a lush spread of fresh produce including, cheeses, olives, preserves, cakes, meats, flowers, fruits…

Lee Ho Fook conquers the neglected middle-market of new-style Chinese cuisine

image On paper, Lee Ho Fook sports a flawless formula for success. Here’s the maths:

(Chef Victor Liong of two-hatted Marque + two-hatted Mr Wong) + backed by David Mackintosh (Pei Modern) + Peter Bartholemew (MoVida) + (clever concept x location) = 1 x eagerly anticipated restaurant.

Lee Ho Fook talks the talk but, I was desperate to discover, could it walk the walk?