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Eating Good Beer Week


With Melbourne’s long-term love of beer, and the more recent explosion in Melbourne’s penchant for craft beers, it is no surprise that Good Beer Week is back this year and bigger than ever. The appreciation of beer’s complexity and versatility is becoming more main-stream, in a way that has previously been reserved for wine. This year, some of our most-loved eateries are on board with GBW, offering dynamic menus, from Spanish to Vietnamese flavours, skilfully paired with craft brews that will attract devout foodies and hop-heads alike…


A few highlights from Taste of Melbourne

IMG_0785 Many of you will have that ever-expanding list of restaurants you have had been itching to attend but have been prohibited by: time, money, a 3 month advance booking requirement, or a no-booking policy and a 2 hour wait in line.  Imagine how fantastic if would be if all of those eateries were all living on the same street, and you could walk freely from one to the next, sampling signature dishes, and construct your own bespoke grazing menu.  This is why Taste of Melbourne is a food festival I really look forward to each year…